What’s The Score?

Another blog, another arbitrary scoring system…

Whisky royalty. The absolute cream. The heavy hitters. The big kahunas. Very few make the grade. Those that do are worth making a special effort to try… if you can find them.

These are very good whiskies. Quality in spades and more than your everyday drinker. You’ll keep one or two of these on the go, if you know what’s good for you.

Session whiskies, large pours, increasingly unbelievable stories, drunken phone calls to your ex. These are your old reliables. The backbone of your cupboard.

Not fatally flawed, offensive or necessarily even bad. Disappointing more than anything. You can drink this stuff but, honestly? Why the hell would you?

Bilge water. Utter turd gravy. Flawed, odious, stagnant piss. The kind of repulsive pube soup that collects in the bath waste pipe. Not nice.

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